Retrofit Double Glazing

Have you got existing Aluminium frames and would like Double Glazed Windows. We Can Help, Call us today.
A single pane of glass provides very poor insulation because glass is a good conductor of heat, therefore much of the heat in your room literally goes out the window! Install Double Glazing, and you have a layer of air trapped between two panes. Air is a poor conductor so far less heat is lost through the window.

The benefits of double glazing:

• Reduced Heat Loss in Winter
• Reduced Heat Gain is Summer
• Conserve Energy in both Heating & Cooling Costs
• Noise Reduction
• Condensation Reduction
• Creates a Healthy Home

Retrofitting Leadlights

Preserve your beautiful leadlight windows whilst still enjoying the benefits of double glazing

Leadlight windows are a stunning and intricate feature of old homes. Luckily you can preserve your original leadlight panels and enjoy the benefits of double glazing. Our leadlight restorer is experienced in repairing and double glazing leadlight windows. Each leadlight panel is carefully removed and restored. Any broken sections are replaced and the lead is re-cemented where necessary. After repair, the leadlight panel is then placed in between a double glazed unit and then fitted back into the window opening.

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Frameless Glass Showers

Frameless shower screens offer the most elegant look. When it comes to renovating your bathroom, having a frameless shower screen is a modern and fresh option to make your bathroom sparkle.

Need a Frameless Glass Shower? Whether its a New Build or a Bathroom Reno, with competitive pricing!

Leadlight Repairs

We Are Qualified leadlight experts and we provide many leadlighting services;

On-site repairs
One or two panels of glass broken in leadlight can often be repaired while the leadlight is still in the opening and not removed from site risking further damage. The broken panel or panels need to be reasonably simply shaped and the new glass is “popped” in once the broken glass has been removed.

Off-site repairs
If your leadlight is unable to be repaired on-site we will carefully remove the leadlight from the opening and temporary glaze or board up the opening ensuring your premises are safe and secured. The leadlight will be repaired off-site then reglazed once all repairs have been completed.

If your leadlight is old and rattling we have a re-leading service available. This involves your original leadlight being pulled apart and reusing the original glass we rebuild the leadlight back to new giving it another 50+ years of life. Glass can be cleaned in a costic soda bath to remove the years of stain and grime that has built-up bringing the glass back to its original glory.

Glass Matching
Leadlights can be up to 80 years old and have many varieties of glass both colour and texture. Rangiora Mirror and Glass has an extensive range of both old and new, clear and coloured glass to ensure the closest match is used to maintain the Leadlights original integrity.


If you’re in a search to buy custom size frameless mirrors for your home, then Rangiora Mirror and Glass is your answer. Our cut to size mirrors is stocked in thickness 4mm, 5mm & 6mm. Edge finish can be selected from Clean Cut, Polished or Beveled. If you are planning to use your custom mirror in a sensitive area, we recommend opting for safety backing to protect you, your loved ones.

Whether it a Bathroom Renovation or a broken mirror that needs to be replaced, our skilled team of glaziers can do it!

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Window Repairs & Replacements

Whether you want to schedule some minor work or you’ve discovered a newly broken window and need an emergency glass repair, we provide window replacements for broken glass on your house or property.

Contact Rangiora Mirror and Glass for a reliable and secure glass repair service including commercial shopfronts and glass replacement.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Painted Glass Splashbacks
Give your home or kitchen the clean, long-lasting look of glass in any colour you choose. Select an exclusive glass colour or match the one you already have.

Clean, durable beauty Splashbacks
Glass brings a beautiful luster to any colour and maintains an immaculate, long-lasting finish. Whether its steam, cooking spills or harmful liquids, simply wipe clean time after time.

High-quality toughened glass Splashbacks
Our glass is toughened to withstand the bumps and knocks in busy areas of your home. Examples being – kitchen splashbacks, bathroom splashbacks and laundry splashbacks. It’s also heat-resistant and certified to meet building code for use alongside cooktops and ovens.

Pet Doors

For convenience for you and your pet, installing a quality pet door is a great solution. Whether it’s in a single glazed panel or a new double glazing unit you require, we can supply and install. Your Cat or Dog will be able to enter the house when needed and will be able to exit unless locked from the inside. Our quality pet doors are suitable for cats and dogs and come with a variety of options to suit your home.

• Glass Fitted Standard Cat / Dog Doors
• Glass Fitted Magnetic Collar Cat / Dog Doors
• Glass Fitted Microchipped Cat / Dog Doors

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